About Us

Your health, our 24-hour care.

The word “Qaseh” is actually “Kasih” (Care) in Malay language.

Hence, our name speaks for itself about our caring commitment to the health and well-being of the community.

Medic Qaseh Healthcare Group started in a humble beginning in 2017. We are the first clinic to be appointed in the Sepang International Circuit Stadium to serve and take care of the sports enthusiasts back then.

As we grow from strength to strength, we have opened Klinik Velayutham in Sungai Pelek. Today, we are one of the few appointed authorized clinics and hub for Covid-19 Vaccination by the Malaysian Government.

Ask anyone in Sepang about Medic Qaseh, chances are they will tell you our care and commitment in medical services in the community. Thanks to our qualified and experienced doctors with their unwavering commitment to serve with integrity, quality and affordability of the community in mind.


What makes us different is we provide 24-hour ambulance service and comprehensive range of health and medical care, including family medicine, consultancy, vaccination, blood tests, X-Ray and more.

In short, Medic Qaseh is 24 hour with you, for you on your health journey.



Our Vision

At Medic Qaseh Healthcare Group, we aspire to be a premier regional health care provider which is fully committed, highly responsible and deeply accountable for the health and well-being of the community. The community comes first in whatever we do!

Our Mission

To achieve our vision, we go beyond the call of duty by providing comprehensive quality health care in an affordable, cost-effective and compassionate way. We eat, sleep, live and care with you in mind. 24-hour dedication with you, for you.

Our Core Values

We are driven by our core values to perform at the highest level of commitment.


  • Service & partnership: We believe synergistic partnership and forming an eco-system to grow together.
  • Cost-effective health care: Affordable health care with the community in mind.
  • Dedicated to patient safety: We are always meticulous and practise safe medical care.
  • Employee development: Employees are our most valuable asset. We ensure they are given opportunity to learn and grow.
  • Exceptional customer service: All our health care is personalised for you.
  • Innovative healthcare delivery: We always ensure we stay relevant and innovative to serve.
  • Making clinical expertise available: From medication, consultation to diagnosis and test, we provide an integrated health care service.
  • Medical and health awareness: We constantly remind and advice our patients on the importance to take care of their health.

Emergency Service